What can I use MiceText for?

You can archive all current and archival documents in an editable form.

For what purpose am I to archive documents in the editable form?

In order to make possible quickly searching of all the documents that contain searched word and even complete sentences.

How to buy MiceText?

Download the installation file MiceText and then make a purchase of your licence. You will make your payment through PayPal system. Learn more about PayPal at WWW.

What will I receive when I buy one license MiceText ?

You receive a license key that allows you to work with the application without any time limit.

Can I use the license MiceText Home Edition in commercial applications?

Each purchased license is for commercial application.

Does the purchase of license require the creation of account on this page?

The only thing that you have is an account in PayPal system or a credit card.

What do I need to do to buy the license?

Click and then select the key Buy license.

What kind of data and how do I am to introduce to obtain the invoice for purchase the software?

All this and more is described on the PayPal page.

If I have an account in PayPal system, do I have to have a credit card?

If you have an account on PayPal, you do not need to have a credit card. Credit card is an alternative to PayPal system.

Do I get an invoice for purchase the license?


In what form will I receive the purchase invoice?

In an electronic form.

By what date will I receive the invoice and the license?

Within 3 days, however, this usually takes less time.

Do I have to give my personal information?

Your data are required in order to identify payment and to issue the invoice.

Is my personal information safe?

We make every effort to be like that.

Will or are my personal data to be processed for marketing purposes?

The data are used only to verify the payment and to issue the invoice.

Will my personal data be available or sold other business entities?

The supposed agreement does not provide for such a possibility.

What does the activation induce?

The activation unlocks all functions of the selected version of MiceText.

Can I test the program before I purchase the license?

You can download MiceText Professional Trial Edition by clicking Download file.

Is it possible to purchase more than one license?

Please contact.

How can I buy MiceText, if I do not have neither account on PayPal nor credit card?

In order to realise the payment for the product, you must be one of the two payment arrangements.

How do I install MiceText?

Download an appropriate version of the application. The installation process is conducted in a standard way.

Do I have to set up a PayPal account if I have a credit card?

Once you have your credit card, you do not have to have a PayPal account. PayPal system is an alternative to credit cards.

What limitations does contain the version MiceText Professional Trial Edition?

This is a limited version of MiceText Professional Edition. Its operation is limited to max 14 days.

Can MiceText be operable on other system platforms such as: Mac OS, Linux or Unix?

The application runs in the following environments: workstations and servers.

Is MiceText operable in 64-bit operating system?

The application has been written in such a way to use the benefits provided with 64-bit platform.

Does MiceText use multi-processor and multi-core technologies?

This is one of main assets of MiceText.

How many languages does MiceText recognise?

The application recognises texts written in 66 languages.

How many font families does MiceText recognise?

The application is provided with 31 popular font families.

Does MiceText recognise the text of image scanned with a slight deviation from vertical axis?

The application recognises images rotated by angle up to approx. 2┬░ with reference to vertical axis. In the case of larger deviations, MiceText is equipped with special tools, simple to be operated.

Is MiceText able to recognise new or custom fonts?

This is one of main assets of MiceText.

Must images being recognised be of good quality?

The higher quality scan, the faster and more accurate recognition.

What file formats is MiceText able to read?

The application reads many graphic formats.

What is an optimal quality of scan?

In order to copy image correctly, to an editable form, it is just enough an image that was created by scanning in an gray scale and 300 DPI resolution.

Is it possible to update a set of fonts?


Does MiceText recognize scanned documents older than a few months?

The only importance is a quality of scan.

Does MiceText recognise the text stored in a graphic file that was scanned in a black and white mode?

The mode the document was scanned may significantly affect the speed and accuracy of text recognition.

What is an optimal resolution of the recognised document image?

300 DPI.

What path will I receive my license?

By e-mail.

Has the help been built in the application?

On the corporate website have been placed multi-media materials in order to present functions of the application.

Does MiceText recognise documents that were photographed with photo-camera?

It recognises good quality photo of the document.

Is there a limit for a graphic file size?

The only limitation is the amount of RAM of your computer, on which MiceText is installed.

Is it necessary to tutor the program?

Tutoring of MiceText may be necessary only if non-standard requirements are needed or the scan quality significantly deviates from optimum.

What are the examples of characters (patterns) for a new font?

The examples of characters are scanned, read out and saved images for each separate character.

Can I order complete sets of characters (patterns) for a new font?

This service is currently being implemented.

Can I buy ready sets of known but rarely used fonts?

This service is currently being implemented.

Is the software update process performed automatically on-line or off-line only?

It is performed off-line.

Does the application run on the computer disconnected from the Internet?

MiceText does not require the Internet connection during installation or operation.

Is it possible to automate the process of recognition of scanned documents?

MiceText supports bulk solutions. For more details, refer to the help (function F-Watch - video cast).

Does MiceText set restrictions for scanners to be used?

It should be borne in mind that the better quality of scanner, the better the quality of recognition.

Can I upgrade the license from a lower to a higher one?

You have to purchase a license and download the appropriate version of the application.

Can I change the license type to a higher one for an additional fee?

You have to purchase a license and download the appropriate version of the application.

Does the higher license entitle the right to use the downgrade?

This is not possible due to differences in the way of data recording.

Can I change the type of license from higher to lower yielding the reimbursement of the excess payment?

You should purchase a license and download the appropriate version of the application.

On how many computers can I install the software having one license?

The program can only be installed on one computer at a time.

Can I install the application on several computers having one license?

The application can be installed on another computer, provided you uninstall the previous devices.

Will the update of my application be available when I have a license?

For users of MiceText Professional Edition users with a subscription, the updates are free.

Is the software license is temporary or permanent?

The software license is for an indefinite period. A temporary element of the license is only a subscription.

How long is MiceText Professional Trial Editionoperable?

Operating time is limited to max 14 days.

Having installed MiceText Professional Trial Edition, will I have to re-download the installer?

The installation of each version must be carried out from the beginning.

What is a subscription and what are its advantages?

Your subscription is a free program updates for you to its new versions.

I lost a purchased license, can I get a duplicate?

Please contact.

Is the subscription only available for a limited time?

Each option, subscription or purchase with a subscription of the license, is valid for 2 years.

What is the difference between MiceText Professional Edition and MiceText Home Edition?

MiceText Home Edition is for home users and small businesses. The differences between the versions are available in the tab Buy.

Does MiceText recognise the text that is a screenshot?

For this purpose, it is sufficient to change the recognise resolution up to 72 DPI or 96 DPI.

What can I do when installing the application is failed?

Please re-download the installation file and resume the installation.

Can functions of MiceText be available to use with the keyboard keys?

The application supports users using key shortcuts.

When will I get my box?

MiceText is distributed only electronically.

Does the installation of MiceText require an Administrator account?


Does the work with MiceText require an Administrator account?

The application is operable on user's account who does not have Administrator's rights. With regard to the protection of your PC, work on user's account whenever it is possible.

Are organised and carried out any trainings to operate MiceText?

A source of knowledge are video casts located in the Help tab.

Does MiceText save the recognised text in a default location?

Any previous decision user is stored.

Can I download multimedia help to my PC?

All the training supports and videos are on the website and are updated on a regular basis.

Who are the creators of MiceText?

Engineers specializing in real-time systems.

I have not found what I want. What should I do?

Please contact us.