scan to text

What is MiceText scan to text?

MiceText is a precise, technologically advanced, user-friendly and simple application OCR and OCR engine.

The aim of the application work is to copy (recognise) the contents of a scanned paper document to an editable text document. (...) MiceText is an OCR application that copies documents - neither "improves" not corrects them.

Idea and the objective of document recognition

Document archiving is an every-day reality. Dozens of invoices, letters and documents of various kinds that come everyday to your company by fax and traditional mail, as well as those signed directly with customers have to be archived. Huge and fast-growing stacks of documents are becoming a problem in even the smallest business. A reasonable and optimal solution is scanning documents. This process is implemented in many entities by using a basic scanner software provided by the manufacturer of the purchased scanner. It supports only a quick scanning of each page to form its graphic image. The document saved in this way does not allow you to edit or modify its content. The analysis of paper documents is not very efficient and therefore expensive. Formats of electronic documents that are very often the images of the scanned document (despite being saved in a file with the pdf or doc extensions) cannot search for short texts or whole phrases. This makes the effective work with documents of this type impossible. They are just a collection of disorderly scattered electronic pieces of paper, but not dynamically developed and systemized source of knowledge (knowledge base) about contracts, tasks, tenders, purchases or any other activities of your business. The model of systematized source of knowledge can be supported only by the OCR software that will convert an image scan of the paper document into an editable electronic form.

This solution is MiceText.


Scan to text is based on the most efficient character detection algorithms, thanks to which crucial and very complex operations are executed extremely quickly and accurately. (...)

Our OCR recognises multiple languages and fonts, (...) which results in the ability to recognize texts in many languages. (...) affecting the speed, performance and efficiency to a small extent. (...)

MiceText copies not only the images that are correctly saved vertically, but also those whose content is turned a little bit, and when the turning is significant, it will make the correction. (...) The module of graphic filters is an appendix supporting the image correction. (...) You can also copy documents containing characters shifted vertically with each other that will be intelligently arranged by using function H-Liner. (...)

The use of many advanced algorithms significantly affects the automation of the processes described earlier. The program will not thoughtlessly improve abnormally written words, as it is made by most of the available applications. Programs using such mechanisms are able to change the context or the meaning of the whole sentences, hiding an imperfect recognition in a significant way. MiceText is an OCR program that copies the document. The text recognition process IS NOT based on a dictionary recognition technique. (...)

Learning and tutoring

The structure of MiceText is intuitive enough for every computer user to manage the process of learning and tutoring.

The process of learning new untypical fonts requires only a few hours. Thanks to it, MiceText will not stop the data archiving process at your company. (...)

For other applications scan to text not offering this mechanism, you will have to report the problem to the manufacturer who will update the font database within several hours or days, not neglecting to draw up an account to you. Tutoring MiceText the new characters of the already existing fonts will take only a few minutes in return for the certainty that the recognised low quality documents will achieve their exact copy. However, it is only an option that will increase the comfort of working with OCR.

Requirements, efficiency and safety

MiceText is the application intended for every user. To activate it, you just need a computer with Microsoft Windows®. (...)

Its easy operation is an incentive for every user, regardless of his/her level of experience with computing technologies. However, a whole production cycle of MiceText, including its concept, was oriented for professional and production applications. (...) Considering various needs of users, it has been diversified in terms of its functions. For home users and for small offices (...) we have developed the version MiceText Home Edition, (...) however, for large companies and corporations, (...) where the process of archiving documents is parallel to the current work or is its integral part, we have developed the version Professional. (...)

We are aware that the size of the company has a considerable effect on the complexity of the processes carried out and the requirements for applications as regards their universality (level of adaptation) and automation. There is no doubt that the automation ratio of the processing increases the efficiency of archiving the documents. It seems no longer to be a bottleneck which could have an impact on other processes. Hence, OCR has been designed and constructed in such a way that it can easily be adapted to its operation environment. (...)

Quick operation of our OCR provides the use of i.a. the mechanisms of MT technology (...)

and highly efficient programming language. (...)

We have taken great care to make MiceText reliable and safe. (...)